Added some CSS3 fluff to pretty-up Blurring Existence, also changed the horrible purple color scheme to blue. Works properly with Firefox 3.6 and Chrome. Internet Explorer 8 fails big time (no rgba color selector for the transparent backgrounds), Internet Explorer 9 works a lot better but seems to have a problem with the background-size: cover attribute: a white bar appears on the right of the background image. CSS3 features used: the background-size attribute to scale the background image and rgba color selectors to make some panels semi-translucent.

Now I just need to replace the header logo. Ditched header logo altogether.

I made the background picture when I was at Bospop 2010 (Weert, The Netherlands) with Naomi. The aquarelle rainbow-like effect in the center of that image was actually visible when looking at the sky while wearing sunglasses. Which explains why the overall colors of the image are a bit off and darkish: i was using my sunglasses as a filter for my camera. It’s actually part of a series of three pictures:

1 2 3

Update: I capitulated and switched to using PNGs with an alpha channel as background images instead of using rgba color selectors.

Posted by Ingmar Steen on Tue 21 September 2010 13:45